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43, Woman
Harrisburg, PA, United States

Personal Information

Sexy PRE-OP **Trans** - 6'0", slim, tan, tone, HOT-**Transsexual** with curly/brown-long hair, green eyes and outgoing (winning) personality.ABOUT ME: INTELLIGENT, DRIVEN, CARING, HONEST, GIVING, GREAT HEART, ARTISTIC, DECORATOR, LOVER, GARDNER, MOTIVATORI'M REAL. HARD TO FIND PEOPLE THAT ARE REAL. I RESPECT HONESTY OVER ANYTHING ELSE. IF YOUR LOOKING TO JUST HOOK UP THEN SAY THAT. NO NEED TO TRY AND TELL ME SOMETHING YOU THINK I WANT TO HEAR. I WANT TO HEAR THE TRUTH. If it is your intention to meet for sexual encounters be honest. I can certainly respect that more than leading me to believe that you want something more than that. All I'm asking is that you be honest.I'm on hormones for a year now. I have brest developmet from them and they look nice. I hate ignorant don't email me if your here to play games. My intentions are to make new friends and get to know some even better. I'm versatile but play a more submissive role in the bedroom. I am open to role play. I like to have fun and make sure my partner feels good too. I will top but I have to be attracted to the person. I'm just being honest and upfront now. Saves wasted time and typing.If you are not serious about getting to know one another please don't waste my time.I am not a call girl. I have feelings and the constant assumptions are getting old.My race is not Black. I am WHITE. The reason for this information again is that I get it asked all the time. I hope this helps anybody before the question is asked again. I am not a racist for all of you that have written to me about this statement. The purpose is just to save me from answering the question later down the road. 

I am seeking:
6' 0"
Hair Color:
Prefer Not To Say
Eye Color:
Prefer Not To Say
Body Type:
Prefer Not To Say